Most Popular Maternity Photography Poses and Ideas


A trend started by a New York photographer Annie Leibovitz with her portrait of a pregnant nude Demi Moore in the 90’s, is now a well-established art form. This iconic photograph was featured on a cover of Vanity Fair and certainly got everyone talking.

Whether is a black and white maternity nude or a fun outdoor couple’s portraits, capturing this unique time in your life, is a must do for a lot of expectant mothers.

High-profile celebrity mums-to-be being not afraid to push the boundaries, prefer to have portraits of themselves which will be unique to them and their brand. Good on them! Beyoncé’s maternity portraits certainly got everyone talking about them and I would be hugely disappointed if she announced her pregnancy with selfie taken with a phone camera.


So, what are your choices if you aren’t crazy about having huge flower wreaths in your portraits but would love to have a modern and stylish pregnancy portrait?


  •  Studio portraits are the most popular with maternity nudes being requested at 99% of the sessions. That’s a lot of very brave mums-to-be out there!

  • Moving portraits or video portraits shot during your pregnancy photography session are becoming the latest must have.

  • Part studio, part outdoor sessions combine the best of both worlds. 

  • Catching on are also lifestyle outdoor sessions for those who prefer the great outdoors or perhaps shooting in their local park.

  • Some couples love to have some personal portraits captured at their home – another lovely idea.


Here is a selection of not only my favourite but also the most popular maternity photography poses mums-to-be request at their sessions.


Maternity Nudes

A tasteful maternity nude portrait is requested by 99% of mums-to-be who book a session with me.

Award winning maternity photography by Nemi.Maternity photography ideas by Nemi Miller, London.


Couple’s Maternity Portraits

A lovely memento of anticipating becoming parents. Images are a mixture of artistic and more relaxed portraits.



Expecting Baby Number Two or More

Families are very welcome to participate in the maternity photography sessions.


Popular maternity photography poses for families.


Maternity Drapes

Different styles of drape shots – still very popular due to the timeless look that can be achieved with them.


Artistic drapes used in pregnancy photography.


Kissing of The Belly

Another timeless classic which looks great in colour or in black and white.


Kissing of the belly maternity portraits London.


All About The Mum-to-Be

Some pregnant ladies do arrive for their pregnancy photography session by themselves. Some do the session as a surprise for their other half. Some are a family of just one. Everyone is welcome at my studio.


Award winning maternity photographer Nemi Miller.Stylish maternity photography London.Best pregnancy photographer London.


Outdoor Pregnancy Portraits

Always fun with often having to wait for a passing cloud to soften the harsh sun rays.


Award winning pregnancy photographer Nemi Miller.

Richmond Park is one of my favourite outdoor locations for pregnancy photography portraits.


Outdoor maternity portraits by Nemi Miller.


Flower Crowns

These are becoming very popular and you get to keep your flower head dress after your session. Don’t forget to allow around a week to order one with your choice of flowers.


Flower crown maternity portraits by Nemi Miller - an award winning pregnancy photographer.


Milk Bath Photography

I would love to have a bath at my studio however there isn’t enough space for one. Milk bath sessions take place at your home and a very tall ladder would be helpful too.


Best pregnancy photographer Nemi Miller.

Moving Portraits – Maternity Video

I am delighted to be the first and only photographer in UK to offer moving portraits from your maternity photography session. A lovely memento of your time spent at my studio or on an outdoor location.



All images ©Nemi Miller Photography



Introducing Moving Portraits from your Maternity Photography Session

I am delighted to be the only photographer in UK to offer moving portraits as part of your maternity photography session.


What are moving portraits?

It is a short video I capture of you during your pregnancy photography session. These video portraits show the look of love and anticipation as you look forward to becoming a mother.


Are moving portraits available from family sessions too?

Yes they are and the first videos should be ready to go online in the next few days.


How much do they cost?

These are a gift from me to you to celebrate the love you have for the miraculous life within you. There is no charge for them.


Are they professionally edited?

Yes, these short video portraits are professionally edited and set to ethereal music.

Music rights are included which allows you to share this lovely memento of your maternity photography session on all social media platforms.

Instagram and Facebook are some of many places where mums-to-be choose to announce their pregnancy in style.


Let me create elegant, timeless and classic portraits to celebrate your impending motherhood.


To book your maternity photography session or to ask any questions you may have feel free to call me on 01684 303 373 or my mobile 07740 866 964.


You can also drop me an email –




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Newborn Photographer of the year 2017


best baby photographer London

Oh what a night…

I recently returned from the Newborn Photography Show 2017. In 2016 I was thrilled to come second in the maternity category. The competition this year seemed even more impressive so I can’t tell you how surprised and delighted I am to have gone one step further in 2017. On a night I won’t forget in a hurry, I was named Newborn Photographer of the Year 2017. I would like to say a huge thank you to those lovely clients who have shot with me over the last year. Every one of you has helped me become a better photographer.

A huge thank you to my friend Mark Bushkes from The Magic Bean  Studio for capturing a video of me receiving the award.


 To book your newborn photography session or to ask any questions please call me on 07740 866 964 or drop me an email –


Portrait photography by Nemi.


Baby photography

What an amazing year so far for baby photography! I have had the pleasure of photographing lots of little people, watched my clients families grow, and got to capture many amazing moments!

It is such a privilege to photograph your beautiful babies – I just LOVE it!

Photographing babies takes a lot of time and patience, but the results are absolutely worth it.

The best baby photographs are taken when a baby is over 3 months old, just before they start crawling. The photography session will last just under 2 hours and will take place here, in my studio.

On the day of your photography session, I will have a range of props and blankets to use as backdrops, but if you have any special piece that you’d like photographed with your baby, please do not hesitate to let me know. I can also take photos of you with your baby, or even the whole family together – babies show GREAT interaction with parents!


Child photographer London.


What makes baby photography different to newborn?


  • Babies tend to smile which makes it a fun session. We all know a child’s cheeky smile can cheer up even the worst of days.
  • All shots are taken with the baby awake (not sleeping as you would usually get with newborns). This is great as it shows off their character.
  • At this age their baby clothing tend to fit unlike a newborns clothes which tend to be too big.
  • You can get lovely portraits of babies in their nappy which shows off their super cute baby fat rolls.

As a professional photographer it’s up to me to set the lights and look for the best angles as well as gently direct you into a natural pose so you’ll be able to cherish these images forever.

Portrait photography in a London studio.

Cute baby photography sessions in a West London studio.

Photo studio West London. Baby photography specialist.Photo studio Richmond, West London.

Studio baby photos London.Portrait photography in London.

Feel free to give me a call on 07740 866 964 or email me to discuss your shoot and it will be a pleasure to answer any questions that you might have. All images by Nemi Miller –


Baby Photography Video

I thought it would be a great idea if clients could see how I work while photographing newborn babies and had a lovely video commissioned. Angela from Little Whale Media did a fantastic job! This session included natural and posed shots of baby Willow with her parents who were over the moon with her arrival.

When to have your Newborn Photography Session?



If you wish to have your newborn baby photographed, I recommend your session takes place in the first three weeks after giving birth. Your baby will still have it’s newborn curl and  tend to sleep for longer which enables me to gently pose it into those delightful sleeping poses which will always look timeless.

For babies under three weeks old we have a great opportunity to try to pose and capture your precious bundle in a ‘froggy’ pose. Your baby is always safe and held by either you or myself. My highly skilled retoucher with whom I have been working for over 7 years merges two images together which results in a ‘froggy’ pose.


Newborns over 3 weeks old?


It’s still possible to capture newborn portraits if your little on is over three weeks old. Your baby might have an established routine and feed at set times which enables us to plan your session for just the right time of day. We would start with all the parents shots and once it’s your baby’s nap time, you would feed it and we would settle it to sleep. I can capture newborn portraits for babies up to six weeks old. This is perfect for mums who had a difficult delivery and didn’t consider having a session sooner.

Any other questions? Call me on 020 8991 5989 or drop me an email –