Baby Oscar is such a content little man – Natasha and I photographed him, his older brother Nolan (I was lucky to photograph Nolan as a baby and also did the pregnancy shoot with mum) and the smitten mum and dad at our West London studio. Natasha and I offer a fabulous package which is designed especially for  newborn babies – both of us are experienced baby photographers and we have found by working together the shoots tend to be much shorter, the baby is in four safe hands plus you get to choose the style of images you like from both Natasha’s and my webpages. We are very lucky to be great friends and it shows in the loving images we strive to create for you. We often discuss new ideas, how we are going to pose your little one safely and get the lighting spot on to create images which you’ll be proud to hand on your walls and share with your family and friends.

We present the ever so stunning Oscar who even let us do the popular ‘frog pose’. Please note that the pose is a composite of two images and Oscar was held safely in Natasha’s hands while we posed this image – safety first!

The frog pose baby photography.Baby Photography LondonBaby PhotographyBaby PhotographyNewbornBabyPhotography-1NewbornBabyPhotography-6NewbornBabyPhotography-8NewbornBabyPhotography-2

All images by ©Nemi Miller and ©Natasha Wiening.


Lisa’s was one of the last sessions I shot before we went on our amazing family vacation in Mauritius (more about that in a separate post). Pregnancy photography with older children is very special as it’s a growing family that’s being captured – Annabel who is just two and a half years old did just great and was very fond of the baby in mummy’s tummy. As I have a lot of blogging to catch up on I’ll leave you with few images from Lisa, Nick and Annabel’s maternity photography session shot at my studio in Ealing.MaternityPhotographyLondon


All images by ©Nemi Miller Photography.


I am going to pick up pace and mention few more pregnancy as well as baby shoots before we set off on holiday.  This was a beautiful maternity photography session just like all the others that take place in my studio. Each and every mum-to-be is looking forward to meeting her baby and I love capturing the connection they seem to have when they hug and look at their bellies. The happiness on their face when the little one gives a gentle prod or a sharp kick.  Babies having hiccups also guarantees a caring glace probably wondering if that last curry was perhaps a bit spicy.  I am very lucky to see the pregnant ladies go through all these emotions at some point during their maternity photography session at my West London studio.

Here is heavenly Mrs. B.


All images ©Nemi Miller Photography.


How much do I love pregnancy photography? Well, lets try to put my emotions into words – I love being creative and put mums-to-be at ease. I love gently directing a shoot, trying out new ideas or props I have sourced. I have recently designed my own maternity ‘drapes’ which I’ll share with you as soon as the images are back from my retoucher – very excited about those! It’s so rewarding to hear client after client thanking me for  the selection of images we capture to celebrate their pregnancy.

Without further ado here’s stunning Natalia and Max and images from their newborn photography session should be up next as baby Mark was very cute indeed.

All images by Nemi Miller Photography



‘ The Baby Whisperers Photography’ package started it’s baby photography journey with Raj’s session, which took place at Natasha’s studio in Ealing. As any new venture it is very exciting – the only two professional photographers working together and creating beautiful images of your new family. As two friends who just happen to have studios within half a mile of each other, it is a creative partnership which is bursting at the seams with new ideas. Whoever said ‘two heads are better than one’ might have been onto something.

We have designed the sessions to last 3 hours which should be just the perfect amount of time to create exquisite portraits of your newborn baby and the all important mum and baby, dad and baby and the new family shots too. Older siblings are welcome too and we are expecting our first pooch too – a tiny Yorkshire terrier which should be fun! Needless to say, the sessions are not limited to just 3 hours and if you just happened to remember that you left that cuddly toy which used to be yours when you were a baby, deep inside your changing bag…. Or perhaps gran and grandpa would like to pop over for a portrait with their new grandchild…We can extend sessions by an hour at a time up to five hours in total. We don’t think many new parents could last any longer than that and it’s supposed to be an enjoyable event and not a marathon.

Pricing of this wonderful experience is completely transparent too –  £750 includes your pre-session consultation to get the most out of your shoot, a 3 hour shoot with Natasha and myself and 30 fully retouched images in colour plus in black and white on a modern 8GB USB card (a very useful size so you can add lots more images of your baby and carry it with you to share with your family and friends).  Feel you would like the session to continue for another hour – no problem, those cost just £50 per hour. A tiny price in proportion of the images we’ll create.

The Baby Whisperers package is proving extremely popular and is attracting  new mums and dads not only from London but from much further afield too – we’ve had requests from a couple in Milan and another one from as far as Dubai! And yes, we will travel to you.

Meantime, here’s where our story begun with Raj’s newborn photography session….

Baby whisperers package with Nemi and Natasha.Baby whisperers package with Nemi and Natasha.Baby whisperers package with Nemi and Natasha.Baby whisperers package with Nemi and Natasha.Baby whisperers package with Nemi and Natasha.Baby whisperers package with Nemi and Natasha.

All photographs by Nemi Miller Photography and Natasha Wiening Photography.