Child photography on location

I love child photography and it’s no secret. Child photography on location is even more fun – suddenly the whole dynamics change from those of a studio shoot. Children have so much more space to run around, hide behind tress or bushes. They can roll down a hill or throw poo sticks down a stream. Before I know it, they are half way up a tree however,  little do they know that I am a dab hand at climbing trees and can usually  fit into most nooks and crannies they have hidden in. I love to capture lots of fun and natural shots of  your children playing and being just themselves. Needless to say, it’s not just about running around.  I also enjoy the quiet and serene moments of  a child having a cuddle with their mum and dad or little girls setting up an elaborate teddy bears picnic.  I am here to capture you and your family as you are – just being yourself.

If you enjoy reading ‘Where the Wild things Are’ or ‘We are Going on a Bear Hunt’ to your children, then I am just the photographer for you! Come and join me on a fantabulous adventure of making your way through long, wavy, grass to a secret hideout. 

Here is a snippet of a mini adventure which took place in a West London park.

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I love maternity photography and especially the part where I create images which celebrate the beauty of a pregnant woman. Even more so exciting is when the other half joins in the session too.

It seems lots of ladies (over 75%) come for the pregnancy photography session at my studio in Ealing, by themselves. I guess it’s because maternity nudes are best captured if I am just photographing a mum-to-be on her own. Although I did once have a request from a couple to both be nude in some of their portraits, and the result was very beautiful. I captured sensual portraits of a couple in love, looking forward to becoming parents. I might blog few of their images in a later post, after I see, if they are comfortable with me sharing those unique, fine art nudes from their session.

Meantime, here’s one of my recent favourite maternity sessions.

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Maternity PhotographyPregnancy PhotographyPregnancy PhotographyPregnancy PhotographyPregnancy PhotographyPregnancy Photography

All images by Nemi Miller Photography, London.


Baby Cody was just 2 weeks new when he came to my studio for his newborn baby photography session. I had the pleasure of photographing his mum and dad only a month or so before he was born and it was a fabulous pregnancy session at my studio too. I guess like parents, like baby – Cody has a sweet and lovely character which clearly shows in these images I captured.

Although I shoot in colour, any images ordered on a USB card are also delivered in black and white. I adjust each image individually and often add an extra version which I think will suit a particular photograph.

Here is baby Cody’s stunning session.

Baby PhotographyBaby PhotographyBaby PhotographyFamily PhotographyBaby PhotographyBaby PhotographyBaby Photography Baby Photography

All images by ©Nemi Miller Photography 2014.


Baby Whisperers have been very busy recently shooting a video at our studio. Baby Elodie was one of the cute little munchkins who will be featuring in it. She was just 2 weeks new when Natasha and I took these cute newborn photography portraits at our studio in Ealing.

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All images by ©Nemi Miller and ©Natasha Wiening.


Meet baby Ben who came to my studio at just 5 weeks new. His older sister Annabelle was so proud and loved to give him cuddles and kisses – so cute!!! You might recognize her from a pregnancy photography session I blog not too long ago – she was the sweet little girl, holding onto mum’s tummy with the happiest smile on her face. Here is a link to Lisa’s maternity photography session.

I love photographing babies at around 5-6 weeks old – I find it’s the last opportunity one can still photograph babies in cute newborn poses with some sleepy shots as well as awake ones too. Please visit the baby photography gallery on my webpage to see lots more cute, little babies.

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Baby PhotographyBaby PhotographyBaby PhotographyBaby PhotographyBaby PhotographyBabyPhotography6Baby PhotographyBaby Photography

All images captured ©Nemi Miller Photography