Baby Whisperers have been very busy recently shooting a video at our studio. Baby Elodie was one of the cute little munchkins who will be featuring in it. She was just 2 weeks new when Natasha and I took these cute newborn photography portraits at our studio in Ealing.

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All images by ©Nemi Miller and ©Natasha Wiening.


Meet baby Ben who came to my studio at just 5 weeks new. His older sister Annabelle was so proud and loved to give him cuddles and kisses – so cute!!! You might recognize her from a pregnancy photography session I blog not too long ago – she was the sweet little girl, holding onto mum’s tummy with the happiest smile on her face. Here is a link to Lisa’s maternity photography session.

I love photographing babies at around 5-6 weeks old – I find it’s the last opportunity one can still photograph babies in cute newborn poses with some sleepy shots as well as awake ones too. Please visit the baby photography gallery on my webpage to see lots more cute, little babies.

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Baby PhotographyBaby PhotographyBaby PhotographyBaby PhotographyBaby PhotographyBabyPhotography6Baby PhotographyBaby Photography

All images captured ©Nemi Miller Photography


Baby Zain was a fun four month old baby when he came for his baby photography session at my studio. Babies at that age are a lot of fun – we got lots of smiles alongside sweet curious glances.

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Our ‘Baby Whisperers Package’ seems exceedingly popular which Natasha and I are delighted about. We are very lucky to be two photographers, who just happen to have studios within half a mile of each other, and love to photograph newborn babies together. We have just purchased a lot of brand new props. Blankets to pose your little one on, and a selection of  beautiful, earth toned baby hats made of mohair and silk. We are aiming to photograph your newborn baby in as natural a style as possible to ensure you get that timeless feel to your photographs.  To book your ‘Baby Whisperers Package’ please contact me on 07740 866 964 or drop me an email –

Here is baby William with the ever so popular bunny hat.

Newborn baby photographyNewborn baby photography London.BabyPhotography3BabyPhotography2Black and white baby photographyCute baby photography

All images ©Nemi Miller©Natasha Wiening 


It’s always a very special baby photography session when I have already met the mum and photographed her bump. Rachel and Collin love being parents to baby Callum and I can see why – a cute little bundle with a cheeky smile and twinkly eyes. Rachel is such a fabulous mum and really wanted some skin-to-skin portraits which I think look really stunning. All one needs is a mum who is clearly smitten with her baby and doesn’t worry if she looks a bit tired due to lack of sleep. Before you know it, with my beautiful lighting and the loving, natural expression on mum’s face, we have a portrait that will hang on your wall for the rest of your life. Talking of portraits on the wall – Rachel mentioned that her fine art nude pregnancy images are adorning the walls in their home. What more could I ask for?!

These images were captured back in July  however with Summer holidays and having great time with my two little rascals, it took a while to get them up on a blog.

Here is baby Callum.

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BabyPhotographyLondon_1Fun baby photography by Nemi.BabyPhotography_5BabyPhotography_1BabyPhotography_4BabyPhotographyLondonBabyPhotography_2

All images by ©Nemi Miller Photography