Why choose and entrust Nemi to capture your pregnancy portraits?

I am a lifestyle and portrait photographer who strives to bring out the individual and inner beauty of a pregnant woman.

Mums-to-be who choose to have a pregnancy portrait session seem to be at ease with their bodies and positively embrace their pregnancy. It’s great to see a look of love, anticipation and hope beaming from their faces as they cuddle their bumps and to capture these genuine moments and emotions which produce irreplaceable keepsakes.

What I offer is a relaxed and friendly maternity photography experience at my studio in Ealing, West London. Photographing more pregnant ladies than any other photographer in London, I am here to guide you and gently direct you to capture your best side, from the perfect angle.

I am a master of studio lighting – with my vision and the trust you place in me, we’ll create soft, flattering and modern portraits of you as an expectant mum-to-be.

An amazing 90% of ladies who choose to have their maternity sessions with me request a stylish nude portrait. I offer stunning pregnancy nudes on a black backdrop which have a distinctive fine art feel to them. These are very atmospheric with dramatic lighting illuminating only the contour of your curvaceous pregnancy shape and look particularly fabulous in black and white.

Some of my favourite images are backlit which remind me of a warm Summer’s day, with rays of late afternoon sunshine streaming in. Lovely for mums-to-be on their own and are particularly great if your other half dislikes being photographed – as they are just side-lit, no one has to look at the camera in these.

I am lucky to work in a large, bright and comfortable studio which overlooks my local park with free private parking right outside my front door.

Sessions themselves are unhurried and often last over two hours.

Your input and ideas are very important to me and will be discussed before your session. Or you can leave it up to me and my artistic direction to capture wonderful images of you and your other half (if they are willing subjects).

I am an experienced, professional, female photographer who is passionate about her work.

To book your session call Nemi on 07740 866 964 or use the contact form.

Nemi - best pregnancy photographer in London.

Technical bits

I have six different backdrops to choose from.

Best camera in the world – Hasselblad.  A digital, medium format professional camera.

Fabulous Swiss Elinchrome lighting with every possible attachment manufactured so I can control the light as I wish – this helps me to create stunning portraits of you.


What completes your experience


Drapes in many colours to compliment your skin type.

My own design pregnancy skirts and matching sashes to cover your breasts.

Modern as well as classic chairs to use as a prop.

Fiji water

An amazing selection of teas –

Rose, chamomile and lavender

Lemongrass and ginger

Aniseed, fennel and cardamon

Peppermint, nettle and gingko

Red fruits and aronia berry


Lemon, ginger and Manuka honey

Vanilla chai

Supreme matcha green tea

Three mint tea

Earl Grey

English Breakfast

And Nespresso coffees including decaffeinated

Anything else you might like to know about me? I often dream of new maternity photography ideas in my sleep.


To book your maternity photography experience please call Nemi on 07740 866 964 or

drop me an email – nemimiller@gmail.com

Creative maternity portaits London.All images ©Nemi Miller Photography 2015


I thought it would be a great idea if clients could see how I work while photographing newborn babies and had a little video made.

To book your newborn baby photography at my studio or at your home please call Nemi on 07740 866 964 or drop me an email – nemimiller@gmail.com


Nemi London Newborn Photographer


As this is the busiest time of the year for me, I’ll keep this blog post fairly short. Beautiful Myra was three weeks new when she came to my studio for her newborn photography session. She’s a beautiful little baby with curious, lovely eyes. I am delighted with her newborn photography session and the selection of images we got during our time spent together. Mum and dad loved the ever so popular ‘frog’ pose which we captured beautifully.

To book your newborn photography session please give me a call on 07740 866 964 or drop me an email – nemi@nemimiller.com

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Frog pose - newborn baby photography.

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Child photography on location

I love child photography and it’s no secret. Child photography on location is even more fun – suddenly the whole dynamics change from those of a studio shoot. Children have so much more space to run around, hide behind tress or bushes. They can roll down a hill or throw poo sticks down a stream. Before I know it, they are half way up a tree however,  little do they know that I am a dab hand at climbing trees and can usually  fit into most nooks and crannies they have hidden in. I love to capture lots of fun and natural shots of  your children playing and being just themselves. Needless to say, it’s not just about running around.  I also enjoy the quiet and serene moments of  a child having a cuddle with their mum and dad or little girls setting up an elaborate teddy bears picnic.  I am here to capture you and your family as you are – just being yourself.

If you enjoy reading ‘Where the Wild things Are’ or ‘We are Going on a Bear Hunt’ to your children, then I am just the photographer for you! Come and join me on a fantabulous adventure of making your way through long, wavy, grass to a secret hideout. 

Here is a snippet of a mini adventure which took place in a West London park.

To book your session call Nemi on 07740 866 964 or drop me an email – nemi@nemimiller.com


I love maternity photography and especially the part where I create images which celebrate the beauty of a pregnant woman. Even more so exciting is when the other half joins in the session too.

It seems lots of ladies (over 75%) come for the pregnancy photography session at my studio in Ealing, by themselves. I guess it’s because maternity nudes are best captured if I am just photographing a mum-to-be on her own. Although I did once have a request from a couple to both be nude in some of their portraits, and the result was very beautiful. I captured sensual portraits of a couple in love, looking forward to becoming parents. I might blog few of their images in a later post, after I see, if they are comfortable with me sharing those unique, fine art nudes from their session.

Meantime, here’s one of my recent favourite maternity sessions.

To book your maternity photography session with Nemi please call me on 07740 866 964 or drop me an email – nemi@nemimiller.com

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All images by Nemi Miller Photography, London.