How cute is five week old baby Abi?! It seems that the ‘froggy’ pose is getting quite popular lately with parents who come in with their babies for their newborn photography sessions. It’s not an easy pose and only few photographers in London offer to do it. The photographer has to have a lot of patience, skill, experience and confidence to set it up. The key to this shot is having a very sleepy and relaxed baby and it’s generally recommended for babies under three weeks old. Luckily for us baby Abi was few weeks premature which gave us the opportunity to get this froggy pose shot for his mum.

I have trained how to do the froggy pose with the talented newborn photographer Amy McDaniel who travelled to London last year. It was a rewarding experience where I learned all aspects of doing the froggy pose safely. To watch a master newborn photographer at work is a fabulous opportunity. Add to that Amy’s lovely personality, a wealth of experience she shares with you and you know that your newborn photography will never be the same. The biggest asset I learned was to be patient and not give up. Thank you Amy!

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Pregnancy photography at The Baby Show

Wow, how exciting was The Baby Show I decided to do at the last minute this year? Very exciting indeed! I was mainly showcasing maternity photography with just a few of my baby photographs and cannot believe how many interested mums-to-be I met. There were ladies ranging from 12 weeks pregnant to others, just waiting for their babies to be born at any minute. My bookings for pregnancy photography have now made my diary almost burst at the seams which is very exciting indeed.

To celebrate the success of The Baby Show I have a brand new luxurious package;

It’s called VOGUE –

A unique maternity photography experience at this stunning location.
There are specially designed gowns being made as we speak which will compliment the decor and complete the fine art look I will create for you and of you. I am quite sure that these sessions will be like no other in London! Contact me on 07740 866 964 or drop me an email – to find out more.



Lastly, a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to my family and friends for their help in making my debut at The Baby Show.

Dave from Hi-Speed Photos for his wonderful prints. Lawrence, my husband, for driving everything to ExCel, assembly of the stand furniture and generally coming up with great ideas. Cristina, my best friend for driving all the way from Kent to help man my stand on Saturday, my busiest day at the show. This ensured I was able to take a well deserved coffee and lunch break. Help from Cristina number 2 and Harriet in covering the stand on the other two days. Lastly to Stewart, my friend who saved the day by organizing extra strength sticky dots which secured my prints on the walls of my stand.

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Is this the best maternity dress I have seen a mum-to-be bring for her pregnancy photography session? Vania’s made to measure Thai silk dress is jaw droppingly gorgeous. It’s opulent in every sense of the word and as you can see it photographed beautifully too.

Vania had a large selection of luxurious lingerie to use in her shoot and I captured many timeless and intimate portraits of her, looking her absolute best . Please rest assured that every pregnancy portrait you see on my blog or webpage has been cleared with my client. I respect the fact that some of your images are not for general public viewing and you won’t have a nasty surprise and see your nudes on display for all to see.

I love it when husbands or partners come along for the shoot and offer weekend slots to make sure they have no excuses. Pets are welcome too and Coco was so well behaved that I might consider pet photography 😉

I feel very privileged to meet so many pregnant ladies and to capture their maternity portraits. Here are few more ideas for what to bring to your session;


If you have a stunning figure then Wolford’s black Dress Fatal will accentuate your maternity curves.

Swollen feet and ankles? A maxi dress or one of my drapes will be perfect for you.

Nothing to wear? You are in the right hands as I specialise in nude maternity portraits and can honestly say that 90% of the ladies who come to my studio want to have a beautiful nude or semi-nude fine art portrait of themselves.

If baring all is not for you, bring clothing that represents your style – jeans and body hugging tops are great. Maybe add a chunky knit jumper and a bola necklace to accessorise. Short or long dresses always look fabulous and so does a man’s shirt or a frilly blouse which you can leave open to expose your pregnant belly.

Lastly, for those who would like to treat themselves, I work with talented Rachel a professional hair and make-up artist who can weave her magic on you. There is an introductory offer of just £65 (instead of £120). Please mention it to me when booking your session so I can confirm Rachel’s availability. To view her work visit –

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Pregnancy and pet maternity portraiture.London pet photographer.Black and white maternity photography.

All photographs by Nemi Miller Photography 2015.


I am so excited – I have recently had two videos made, to show clients how I work while photographing a maternity photography session. The first video is live already and another one will follow very soon too. I was delighted to be able to photograph stunning Zosia and Lucjan – a lovely couple expecting their first baby.

It’s a great insight into how I work and gives you an idea of how your maternity session is likely to look like. Above all you will be able to see me interact with real clients (as opposed to professional models) and realize that it’s meant to be a fun experience at the end of which you’ll have stunning pregnancy portraits.

I specialise in nude maternity photography and find most of the mums-to-be feel a lot more relaxed in front of a female photographer. It’s a fabulous opportunity to capture a creative portrait of you, and your bump and one most women only get a chance to do once in their lifetime. In saying that, I have had quite a few ladies return to my studio to capture pregnancy portraits for second and third babies!

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Maternity photography video


I simply love baby photography and even more so, capturing first portraits of a new family with their brand new bundle of joy. What I adore about photographing babies who are over four weeks old is the fact that they smile back at you. Baby James is such a happy little man and at just five weeks old we got some cute smiley photographs as well as some sleepy ones. He travelled to my studio from Notting Hill which is just a short drive from my studio.

Here is a little insight into a baby photography session you are going to experience;

My  comfortable studio has just had a mini revamp which turned it into an even more relaxing atmosphere than it already was.  While I am photographing your little one, you can sink into a large sofa, sip on a tea (from a selection of over 15 herbal and classic teas), Nespresso coffee or Fiji water. Nibble on a macaroon or a nutty bar while reading through Mother & Baby magazine and discovering all about ‘How to Have a Happy Baby’. Or perhaps flip though a Conde Nast Traveller to see the latest ‘Summer Hideaways’. There is even an ‘Esquire’ magazine too! Last dad-to-be loved reading it while waiting for his partner to have her stunning maternity nudes captured by me.

With free, convenient private parking available right outside my front door and Ealing Broadway station close by, the studio is very easy to get to.

To talk about my latest offers or to book your baby/family or maternity photography session call Nemi on 07740 866 964 or drop me an email –

Notting Hill baby photography.Notting Hill baby photographer.Newborn Baby Photography LondonNotting Hill family photography.Notting Hill baby portraits by Nemi.Notting Hill baby portraits by Nemi.

All photographs by ©Nemi Miller Photography 2015.