I have so many beautiful images I would like to share with you that I’ll keep the text bit to bare minimum.  I’ve had lots of lovely maternity photography sessions recently and here is stylish Mona & handsome Omid.

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Apart from moving home and studio at the same time, I have been busy visiting families across London for family and baby photography sessions at their homes. There is something very special about having the first family portraits with your newborn baby, taken in the your home. After all, it is the place you and your baby, have lived in since leaving the hospital (unless you were lucky enough to have a home birth). Either way, it’s your nest and you probably feel very comfortable and relaxed being photographed in it. I love to capture these momentous moments in a form of lifestyle portraits and by using natural light photography. These look lovely in colour or in the classic and timeless black and white.

Here is scrumptious baby Lana and these were taken for daddy as a surprise for his first Father’s Day!

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All images by ©Nemi Miller Photography 2015.


As I am settling into my new studio I am excited to have time to catch up with my blog. I have been shooting so many fabulous pregnancy portraits recently which will follow in subsequent posts. Meantime, here is a timeless black and white maternity portrait which I just love.

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Just a quick preview of the latest froggy pose I set up and photographed last weekend. It’s getting to be a very popular pose in newborn photography sessions with lots of parents requesting it. The key to capturing a successful and relaxed looking baby in the froggy pose is to have your newborn photographed as soon as possible after giving birth. I would suggest between 12 to 21 days at the latest. The baby needs to be well fed and needless to say sleepy. The umbilical cord with the clamp also cannot be present as it gets in the way, so I recommend waiting till it dries and falls off naturally.

More images from this beautiful baby’s newborn photography session coming soon (her two older brothers and a sister were also present). This cute young lady is still waiting to be named but as her brothers and sister had quite original names, I expect she too will have a strong name which will suit her character too.

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Baby photography specialist, London.

©Nemi Miller Photography 2015


How cute is five week old baby Abi?! It seems that the ‘froggy’ pose is getting quite popular lately with parents who come in with their babies for their newborn photography sessions. It’s not an easy pose and only few photographers in London offer to do it. The photographer has to have a lot of patience, skill, experience and confidence to set it up. The key to this shot is having a very sleepy and relaxed baby and it’s generally recommended for babies under three weeks old. Luckily for us baby Abi was few weeks premature which gave us the opportunity to get this froggy pose shot for his mum.

I have trained how to do the froggy pose with the talented newborn photographer Amy McDaniel who travelled to London last year. It was a rewarding experience where I learned all aspects of doing the froggy pose safely. To watch a master newborn photographer at work is a fabulous opportunity. Add to that Amy’s lovely personality, a wealth of experience she shares with you and you know that your newborn photography will never be the same. The biggest asset I learned was to be patient and not give up. Thank you Amy!

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All images by ©Nemi Miller Photography 2015.