Newborn Photography Video at My New Studio

Baby Photography Video

I thought it would be a great idea if clients could see how I work while photographing newborn babies and had a lovely video commissioned. Angela from Little Whale Media did a fantastic job! This session included natural and posed shots of baby Willow with her parents who were over the moon with her arrival.

When to have your Newborn Photography Session?



If you wish to have your newborn baby photographed, I recommend your session takes place in the first three weeks after giving birth. Your baby will still have it’s newborn curl and  tend to sleep for longer which enables me to gently pose it into those delightful sleeping poses which will always look timeless.

For babies under three weeks old we have a great opportunity to try to pose and capture your precious bundle in a ‘froggy’ pose. Your baby is always safe and held by either you or myself. My highly skilled retoucher with whom I have been working for over 7 years merges two images together which results in a ‘froggy’ pose.


Newborns over 3 weeks old?


It’s still possible to capture newborn portraits if your little on is over three weeks old. Your baby might have an established routine and feed at set times which enables us to plan your session for just the right time of day. We would start with all the parents shots and once it’s your baby’s nap time, you would feed it and we would settle it to sleep. I can capture newborn portraits for babies up to six weeks old. This is perfect for mums who had a difficult delivery and didn’t consider having a session sooner.

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