The Baby Show

Pregnancy photography at The Baby Show

Wow, how exciting was The Baby Show I decided to do at the last minute this year? Very exciting indeed! I was mainly showcasing maternity photography with just a few of my baby photographs and cannot believe how many interested mums-to-be I met. There were ladies ranging from 12 weeks pregnant to others, just waiting for their babies to be born at any minute. My bookings for pregnancy photography have now made my diary almost burst at the seams which is very exciting indeed.

To celebrate the success of The Baby Show I have a brand new luxurious package;

It’s called VOGUE –

A unique maternity photography experience at this stunning location.
There are specially designed gowns being made as we speak which will compliment the decor and complete the fine art look I will create for you and of you. I am quite sure that these sessions will be like no other in London! Contact me on 07740 866 964 or drop me an email – to find out more.



Lastly, a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to my family and friends for their help in making my debut at The Baby Show.

Dave from Hi-Speed Photos for his wonderful prints. Lawrence, my husband, for driving everything to ExCel, assembly of the stand furniture and generally coming up with great ideas. Cristina, my best friend for driving all the way from Kent to help man my stand on Saturday, my busiest day at the show. This ensured I was able to take a well deserved coffee and lunch break. Help from Cristina number 2 and Harriet in covering the stand on the other two days. Lastly to Stewart, my friend who saved the day by organizing extra strength sticky dots which secured my prints on the walls of my stand.

To book your maternity photography session, call me on 07740 866 964 or drop me an email –