Baby Photography – Biggest Smile of Them All!

Baby Photography Maisie-Jane


Few months ago I had the pleasure to photograph beautiful baby Maisie-Jane and her doting parents. Maisie-Jane was just two weeks old when she came to my studio for her baby photography session and little did I know I would be in for a lovely surprise beyond all surprises.

Newborn Portraits at Their Finest!


Maisie-Jane was such a happy little newborn and as I posed her in her dad’s arms for a beautiful dad and baby daughter portrait, she gave me a stunning smile which then looked like she was almost laughing at us! I am so delighted to have captured this delightful smile beaming from her face and in all years of photographing newborn babies Maisie-Jane was the first to deliver such an incredible happy face. I have seen lots of gas induced smirks however this is what photographers dream of – a smile to end all smiles made all the better for the baby being in her dad’s safe arms.

Smiling newborn portrait by Nemi

I Love Family & Baby Portraits

IIt’s no secret that I think of each baby photography session as a family session. It’s not just about the baby, as cute as they are – parent and baby shots are also important and I look for new angles, lighting and ideas in each session I photograph.  I understand that a lot of parents do feel tired and the thought of being in the images in the last thing on their mind. As a professional photographer it’s up to me to set the lights so they are  flattering and just perfect for you. Look for the best angles and above all gently direct you into a natural pose so you’ll be able to cherish these images forever.

Without further ado, here is bautiful Maisie-Jane and her lovely parents Sarah and Alex.

Newborn_photography_by_Nemi_Miller_London_4Best_Newborn_photography_by_Nemi_Miller_London_1Newborn_photography_by_Nemi_Miller_London_1Timless baby photography London.

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